McAfee Software Glitch

McAfee, well known for its anti-virus software, released a warning regarding once of their products. In a statement released earlier this week, the company has admitted that their McAfee SaaS for Total Protection could make computers with this software installed vulnerable to hacker attacks, in which the hackers would use customer computers to distribute spam. In addition to becoming a spam proxy, an additional flaw existed in the same software that allowed attackers to execute code remotely. So far, the company has stated that at least one user has become a victim.

Just a note, the company has stated that once a user’s computer has been hacked, other information and data would not be accessible. Therefore, personal and confidential information would not be compromised.

McAfee SaaS for Total Protection is a web-based service that is designed to protect users from hidden viruses online and in email. Fortunately, McAfee has addressed the issue with a patch that that the company is scrambling to complete. The patch would resolve both issues and users would be able to have their current software updated automatically, since it is service based.