Windows 8

Get ready, Microsoft fans, and Yuri Mintskovsky. On February 29th, Microsoft is releasing the Windows 8 Consumer Preview!

Microsoft knows how popular Apple’s tablets and smartphones are, and they want a share of the pie. They’re hoping they’ll succeed in their quest with Windows 8. The new operating system has had a major overhaul, with significant modifications to accommodate the dynamic changes that have been made to devices in recent years, including support for the ARM microprocessors that exist in computers of tablet form. Windows 8 is designed for handheld, portable, and touch technology, which is a huge step toward today’s popular devices. Expect Windows 8 to be intuitive and fast moving.

Yuri Mintskovsky Likes the New Look

The appearance of the operating system has also been redesigned, enabling you to reach programs instantly, rather than the traditional 2-step process.

And fans of apps will be pleasantly surprised to find that a new app store for Windows will now be available, so you’ll no longer have to be jealous of your Apple-toting friends!

Yuri Mintskovsky is looking forward to the preview launch on February 29, which is to take place in Barcelona, Spain.

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